What is DealsBULL?

DealsBULL, is a brand-new shopping-based social network platform,

It is an aggregation site for flash deals, discounts and coupons.

You can find great deals, real discounts and remarkable coupons posted by real users, from all other online shopping platforms you may know.

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After you find the deal you are looking for, you go to the deal page and complete your shopping.

DealsBULL aims to make your shopping a part of your social life in a safe and fun environment by going beyond the systems you are used to.

You can find everything about DealsBULL in the Frequently Asked Questions section.

At the same time, personalize your profile and follow the steps for your badges and titles in order to create your shopping-based social networking platform offered by DealsBULL. Remember that every interaction on the site returns to you statistically.

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