Four Laundry Balls

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£30 £122.20 Buy It Now

In a Nutshell
Filled with ceramic wash beads, this ball can be ideal for people who suffer from allergies or skin irritations due to detergent residues

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Today’s Groupon offers Laundry Ball, distributed by LG-Expro.
Filled with 120g of ceramic wash beads
Can help reduce the risk of allergy or skin irritation from chemicals
Aims to neutralise limescale, thus radically reducing water hardness
Can increase the strength of the water to dissolve dirt
Allows effective washing at a lower temperature
May preserve the colours and elasticity of clothes in the long term
No trace of detergent on dark clothes
No more mildew, odours or machine clogging
Temperature resistance: 90°C
Suitable for 2-3kg laundry
Diameter: about 100mm
Dimensions: 10.8cm x 9.5cm
Colour: green
How to use:
Place in the drum of the washing machine in the middle of clothes
Start the usual washing program
Once in the water, the bioceramic beads create alkaline water that can clean the clothes of odours and stains

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